Value Recovery Services

The first option is to assess the value of our customer’s/client’s inventory, to enable us to offer an “as is” price to our customer/client for their consideration.

The second option is a shared revenue service, where our team will thoroughly and efficiently maximize our customer’s/client’s IT asset value and reduce their risk. Our team will remove all asset tags, securely destroy all confidential data from hard drives and/or electronic media, and will completely test, refurbish, and remarket their IT assets, effectively reducing our customer’s/client’s overall costs and improving their ROI.  Our commitment is to accomplish this service without sending used IT equipment to landfill.
Working with our expansive network of buyers, we can ensure that our clients receive the highest value recovery possible.  We thoroughly evaluate and audit our downstream to ensure compliance with our environmental and quality standards of operation.

Full data security and erasure is provided to guarantee complete removal of any private or sensitive information prior to resale.  We can provide serialized data destruction certificates for all assets that require data erasure per customer request.
We provide customers/clients with a no-obligation quote for the fair market value of their products. Quoted prices are updated every 30 days to ensure current market prices are reflected.

We strive to improve our customer’s/client’s bottom line and provide a no obligation quote on our customer’s/client’s excess or non-essential assets.

Secure Data Wiping

Individuals in society are storing more and more  data on their computers, smart phones, tablets.  Likewise companies are storing more and more data on their computers. Companies updating and replacing IT equipment require services to ensure that stored date is safely and securely discarded along with the process of retiring their IT assets and equipment.

At our Company we guarantee 100% data information security. This guarantee is vital to help our customers:

  • Maintain their reputation
  • Ensure their customer’s/client’s confidence and privacy
  • Avoid fines
  • Protect their networks and infrastructure
  • Maintain their competitive position

Electronic Recycling

Rugged Books offers a range of secure, environmentally sound electronics recycling and asset management services. We have the infrastructure, expertise, and capacity to handle our customer’s/client’s materials cost effectively and responsibly.

Some of the items on our recycling list are: Business machines, laptops, toughbooks, toughpads, desktops, servers, net apps, routers, switches, and many more....


For more information

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